FeastForward.org is a platform that hosts videos and resources raising awareness around important food and environmental issues.  

FeastForward.org develops and publishes multimedia projects that promote:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Eco-friendly Recipes
  • Environmental Action and
  • Delicious Jewish Traditions

FeastForward.org is the vision of a spiritually fulfilling and ecologically grounded Jewish Food tradition.

Shooting our kraut-making video with fermentation expert Sandor Ellix Katz

Through downloadable online resources for individuals and educators, FeastForward.org provides additional Jewish and environmental content connected to the theme of each video. 

The FeastForward.org Team

  • Aram Rubenstein Gillis: Creative Director
  • Dan Lucal: Filming and Editing
  • Nati Passow: Producer and Webmaster
  • Jacob Rivkin: Animator
  • Rabbi Jacob Fine: Contributing Editor 
  • Cassie Peña: Marketing and PR

Stay Connected

Talk to us at feastforward@jewishfarmschool.org  

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