Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate Recipes

With David Siegel

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In disputes between employers and workers, the rights of the worker were given preference over those of the employer.

Babylonian Talmud
6th Century

The highest level of tzedekah (charity) is when you support someone by giving him a gift, or a loan, or entering into partnership with him, or create a job for him so that he supports himself until he no longer needs to depend upon others.

Rambam: Laws of Gifts to the Poor
12th Century


Fair Trade & Workers Rights

The idea of Fair Trade is simple; pay people a living wage for the goods and services they provide.  Unfortunately, in our global economy, we are often far removed from the people who grow the food we consume or the clothes we wear.  This distance makes it easier for exploitation and oppression to go unnoticed.  The Fair Trade movement seeks to end this injustice by working directly with small-scale farmers and producers.  


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